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Manufacturing is a complex process


The first digital manufacturing marketplace that brings customers and suppliers together. Our HEDY Priciple™ empowers manufacturing leaders to make data-driven decisions that positively impact their product quality.

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You can order parts from every manufacturing technology

From electronic to metal. You can order parts in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can order specialty parts with specific properties, such as low friction or corrosion resistance. You can order parts made with different materials, such as carbon fiber or titanium. You can order parts in different quantities, ranging from one to millions. And you can order parts with a variety of delivery times, from a few days to several months.

Our awesome features

The world's leading manufacturing matchmaker

Our matchmaking principle – the HEDY Priciple– was developed for the exact matching of requests and offers. We are a network of manufacturers who are committed to sustainability and transparency, providing access to a global market. Starting today, you can find your perfect production partner with us.

Your orders digital

Imagine the convenience of finding a perfect match with just a few clicks. Clicks that bring you to your perfect and preciss match. That’s what HEDY Production offers you: building partnerships, then making connections across borders.

One order, one click.

In your profile you can manage your resources and preferences and edit them at any time. Your information will allow us to find you the right customers.


Looking for a manufacturing partner? HEDY Production is the world’s leading manufacturing matchmaker. Our principles ensure transparency, fit and sustainability.



There are no costs for customers. For the matching of orders, the supplier incurs matchmaking costs, which depend on the order amount and the margins customary in the industry.

2-5% /Order Amount
for Supplier
  • New customers, additional revenues
  • Scientific matching
  • Only verified requests
  • Fast order to manufacturing time
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Our awesome features

Seamless supplier matching for_

HEDY algorithm matches you fitting supplier

All parts with one order

All experts on one place


Effortless customer matching for_

HEDY algorithm matches you fitting customer

New customers, additional revenues

Only verified requests


Our awesome features

Product examples

With HEDY Productions, you can now order the manufacturing of the entire product. Those times of sourcing endlessly are over with HEDY Productions.

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All partners are certified

We know that trust is essential to a long-lasting relationship. All of our partners are required to be Certified and audited by our team. This process includes verification of company credentials, as well as screening for any potential risk to our customers. You can be sure that when partnering with HEDY Production- You’re getting the best of the best!

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It’s time for a new way to find manufacturing partners.

Precision manufacturing applications for every industry

From aerospace to consumer goods, from automotive to energy, from medical devices to robotics — every industry relies on high-precision manufacturing for quality products. Now, more than ever before, you need to achieve higher levels of precision to stay ahead of the competition. To achieve the accuracy and precision you need, you need a partner like HEDY Production you can trust.


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