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There is a queasy feeling in producing orders online. It's because of the part of the sales conversation that isn't represented in traditional online order forms: clarifying requirements. The order, delivery, and business terms are agreed on as well as the business procedure. There are also pitfalls to this. Even experienced consumers make decisions based on gut feeling. However, behind the gut feeling there are behavioural patterns and decision-making mechanisms. We systematically collect these behavioural patterns and decision-making mechanisms, weigh their importance using a mathematical model, and evaluate everything with an algorithm. We then assign the order based on its delivery and business conditions as well as the available resources.

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Hedy Production is a production marketplace that automatically matches you with the right supplier. During the production process, we support you with project management, from the signing of contracts to delivery of your ordered goods. It requires minimal effort from you as we get the work done independently - you are spared the hassle and worry. You just need to complete the initial order request and our algorithm will find the best supplier and optimize your purchasing process. Sounds easy, right?


Our awesome features

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We thrive to make a positive contribution to the fulfillment of the SDGs.

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